July 12, 2011

CDO White Water Rafting Adventure- Advance Course

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After a very tiresome and exhausting day during our team building activity last July 9, 2011. The Gearyseo team from CDO and Davao dive into another exciting adventure, the white water rafting advance level. I have been waiting this experience since I started working in CDO, yet it’s hard to find such time and group of people who are interested in this kind of adventure. So glad, time has come and I’m very much excited, happy and nervous at the same time. This was my first time to do rafting and automatically go into the advance course.

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Ready or Not???

Orientation-Serious Mode

The group meets up around 5am in Divisoria, CDO and travelled to the rafting place for an hour then started the race around 8:30am. We are all set now with safety gears after that,  a short instruction from our guide. I’m definitely excited and nervous that time, I could see the heavy waves splashing with big stones.  I started screaming and shouting again (this is it!! whooooooooooooooo…) that’s all I can do just to release all my unexplainable feelings and thoughts.  Fear of water? Thumbs up, I’m the most coward because I don’t know how to swim. Good thing during that time, the guide said “if you’re away from the raft don’t try to swim just go with the flow of the water”. WEeeeeeeeee.. I’m happy to hear that because I don’t know how to swim but their was a life vest then.



We now started the first rapid, I thought all 21 rapids that were gonna pass through are of the same level but sad to say it’s not! Expect the most challenging and fearful rapids our guide has told us. In our raft were all 8 in the group including our guide. Most of us were first timers, but all are willing to experience that unusual adventure.  As we set for the trial rapids waves of cold water was starting to splash in our raft.  How could I explain my whole experience that day? Well, I’ll only highlight those unexpected event happened and that is when our raft turn and all of us in the group got drown.  Believe it or not! It was intentionally done by our guide just for fun? Crazy he was! But I admit it was incredibly fun never have I regretted that he did that (hahaa). The 21 rapids have its unique name, but I can only remember the elephant back rapid.


Nice one James..hehe

Here are the other group..go..go..Patet! it’s YOU…hahaa

During the advance course of rapids, I have not tried paddling; I have no guts  to try at all. Only our boys in the group did and the girls were cheering the paddlers. But when we’ve pass through the advance level, I’m now curious and eager to try paddling on the beginner’s rapids level. And guess what? I did! Adrenaline rush as I started doing happy I have done such achievement. I started paddling on the 15 rapids down to zero.

Weeeeeeeee…it’s me paddling on the right…hehehee

The experience was amazing, intense, exciting and nervous but when your in that moment, you could only say “this is it!..break a leg!” no left turn anymore. Expect the unexpected, your raft might flip, or you might even fall, expect those things to happen caused our group experienced that. And it was all worth it! This is what I get during that rafting adventure, if you really want to try such challenging adventure and you know that something bad might happen, don’t think about those possibilities during the raft but instead challenge your self to do your best, specially your strength and think what might happen with the group if you’re not responsible and brave enough to the best paddling that you can do.

Under the water falls 🙂

Were really having FUN!!!

A tap on my back  for being brave and over passing those different rapids. It was a cool adventure and thankful enough I’m with cool people from Gearyseo Davao team. By the way, guys they have extreme level of rafting, would you go for it? Me? Why not..hahaaa…it’s another and more suicidal experience to conquer.

Love it!! at last were done…love the adrenaline rush adventure 🙂

Group pix with our great guides!!!

June 10, 2011

My First Extreme Adventure

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Have you ever heard the record breaking longest dual zip line in Asia year 2009? If not, let me partially introduced it to you and the rest discover them. Dahilayan Adventure Park was owned by Paras Family which is  located in Brgy. Dahilayan, Bukidnon where you could definitely find the longest dual  zip line not only here in Mindanao but all over Asia. If you’re a person looking for the greatest challenge and adventure of your life, be one of the bravest and fly like superman!

The dual zip line is 4,700 feet above sea level with speed of up to 90kph zoom through lush greenery and breathtaking views only found in the mountains of Dahilayan. Experiencing doing zip line  was incredibly shaky but a relief feeling since I able to conquer my fear of high edges (congratulations!).  My family didn’t even miss the chance to explore the place. We all greatly enjoyed the fun and adventure.  Even my little cousins take the kiddy ride of zip lines too.

Were ready!!

Look how brave they are..hehehee

Dahilyan Adventure Park has lots of re-recreational activities aside from doing zip lines. They have zorbs, KTV rides, horse ride, playgrounds and more.  You could even have overnight stay with the place. They have rooms you could stay-in if you want a longer vacation. The place is surrounded with trees which makes the air fresh. You will highly noticed that your in the province of Bukidnon because even if noon time it’s still cold and foggy.

Under the woods

Food House Area

Fascinating  Fish

I really appreciate how the place was being transformed into a unique area of recreation and adventure.  The place was amazingly perfect for those adventurous people. Thumbs up! I’m one of it. 🙂

Caught-in-the-act 🙂  (were not ready yet)

Get the thrill of your life and enjoy the scream inducing ride you’ve never had before!

Check out this map below going to Dahilayan Adventure Park.