May 29, 2011

Yobosayo Kimchi

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Anyonghaseyo Everyone!

Janice and I spent our weekend with a treat to ourselves. Funny, because it was out of planned when we abruptly decided to take our lunch in a Korean Restaurant.  Since, were hooked to Korean movies we even tried to eat Korean food once in a while like Kimchi. It’s our first time to taste such Korean food signature. Guess what? It’s spicy and sour in taste, good thing I can’ resist spicy food.

Aside, from Kimchi we’ve taste other Korean food too but I can’t remember their specific name though. Mabye you could figure it out from the images below.

Kimchi Sidedish

Spicy Squid

We really enjoyed our weekend treat. After that full lunch were off then to a relaxing spa treatment at La Cabana Spa.

“Sauna Effect”

Hope to be there in Korea so soon Wish..wish 🙂