June 11, 2011


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This was a dinner date together with the two of my closest friends in college. It’s been a while  since we haven’t get the chance to hangout and chitchat for a while. Thanks guys such a wonderful feeling  we’ve spent time together. What a great dinner date for the three of us. Love it num num num….

From left<Dai Karen, Myluvz and Me

Pose for a while..hehee

Toothsome Ice Cream Cake 🙂 love it!

My choice! Greek Salad<healthy!>

Candys is best known for their cakes and pastries. I just love their ice cream cake!


June 10, 2011

My First Extreme Adventure

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Have you ever heard the record breaking longest dual zip line in Asia year 2009? If not, let me partially introduced it to you and the rest discover them. Dahilayan Adventure Park was owned by Paras Family which is  located in Brgy. Dahilayan, Bukidnon where you could definitely find the longest dual  zip line not only here in Mindanao but all over Asia. If you’re a person looking for the greatest challenge and adventure of your life, be one of the bravest and fly like superman!

The dual zip line is 4,700 feet above sea level with speed of up to 90kph zoom through lush greenery and breathtaking views only found in the mountains of Dahilayan. Experiencing doing zip line  was incredibly shaky but a relief feeling since I able to conquer my fear of high edges (congratulations!).  My family didn’t even miss the chance to explore the place. We all greatly enjoyed the fun and adventure.  Even my little cousins take the kiddy ride of zip lines too.

Were ready!!

Look how brave they are..hehehee

Dahilyan Adventure Park has lots of re-recreational activities aside from doing zip lines. They have zorbs, KTV rides, horse ride, playgrounds and more.  You could even have overnight stay with the place. They have rooms you could stay-in if you want a longer vacation. The place is surrounded with trees which makes the air fresh. You will highly noticed that your in the province of Bukidnon because even if noon time it’s still cold and foggy.

Under the woods

Food House Area

Fascinating  Fish

I really appreciate how the place was being transformed into a unique area of recreation and adventure.  The place was amazingly perfect for those adventurous people. Thumbs up! I’m one of it. 🙂

Caught-in-the-act 🙂  (were not ready yet)

Get the thrill of your life and enjoy the scream inducing ride you’ve never had before!

Check out this map below going to Dahilayan Adventure Park.

May 31, 2011

Finding Hidden Island Resort

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December 2010, when my family had our Christmas Holiday non-stop travel and tour from Dahilayan, Bukidnon to Surigao sponsored by our very own Manang Babets and Jo. What inspired me to blog this place, it’s because of their preserved and untouched environment .

Going to Sohoton Cave about 30 minutes boat ride from the resort

To give you a map on how to get there here’s how. From From Surigao City, 1 hour land trip to Hayanggabon, Claver then 30 minutes boat ride to the Island and if your from Dapa Siargao Island, 1 hour boat ride to Hidden Island Resort. If you’re from Cebu you could have a daily flights of Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines or an overnight boat ride of Cebu Ferries and Cokalion Shipping.

 I definitely find the place so serene and private. For those people who want to escape from their busy work and city life, you don’t need to go further Hidden Island Resort is the best place for you. It’s breathe taking, soul captivating and relaxing. You could clearly see underneath the water fishes, turtles, millions of jellyfish and more marine life. They has great diving spots, one of it is the Sohoton Cave. I find it very exciting since it’s my first time to do caving and diving. Yes! I able to conquer my fear after almost an hour deciding if I will dive or not 🙂 They have a sanctuary of jellyfish too and I able to hold them. Wow amazing that’s all I can say! Oh FYI the place is so safe from heavy rain and storm since the island is surrounded with mountains.Jelly Fish Sanctuary

 Sohoton Cave

Aside from great spots, they served bunch of sea food too. Yummy! Clams, shrimps, squid, lubster and more take note they’re all big. Can you imagine that? Not a in a day that I felt hungry 🙂 >> Guys I only have few source of food photo here, I’ll add if I find more.

Shrimp Sinigang

 The facilities and accommodations is worth every penny. From their rooms, stilt retro bar, hallways and bridges which every tourist would enjoy viewing surrounded with live corals and marine life. Definitely, my eyes was filled with beautiful and refreshing scenarios of the place.

Diving Board Area



Stilt Retro Bar

 Marine Life

 Look my cousins are busy playing the sand 🙂

Bring you’re family and friends here! And discover the beauty and wonders of Hidden Island Resort. For me this place is not hidden anymore 🙂

I’m wandering when I’ll be back here again!

May 29, 2011

Yobosayo Kimchi

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Anyonghaseyo Everyone!

Janice and I spent our weekend with a treat to ourselves. Funny, because it was out of planned when we abruptly decided to take our lunch in a Korean Restaurant.  Since, were hooked to Korean movies we even tried to eat Korean food once in a while like Kimchi. It’s our first time to taste such Korean food signature. Guess what? It’s spicy and sour in taste, good thing I can’ resist spicy food.

Aside, from Kimchi we’ve taste other Korean food too but I can’t remember their specific name though. Mabye you could figure it out from the images below.

Kimchi Sidedish

Spicy Squid

We really enjoyed our weekend treat. After that full lunch were off then to a relaxing spa treatment at La Cabana Spa.

“Sauna Effect”

Hope to be there in Korea so soon Wish..wish 🙂

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