November 19, 2011

2 Days and 1 night – Welcome Us Iligan City!

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Another exciting experience at Iligan City together with my office-mates, we explore the beauty and wonders of Iligan.  Our main purpose why we visited the place was to be with our very own friend who celebrated her birthday. But at the same time think of some outing and adventure while in the place.

From right Bryan, Sheila, Bernie, Flor, Frank, Me and Michael 🙂

Iligan City was known of its Maria Cristina Water Falls. Yes, we never passed the days to see the place. Maria Cristina Falls was definitely amazing and one of a kind.  During our first day we splash and plunge to Timoga spring resort.  The water was so cold as if you chill out.  We celebrated Flor’s birthday in Timoga, we all had fun. It’s an ordinary day yet an escape from a busy online job.

@Timoga Spring Resort

hahaa..funny look at me bby!! 🙂

Shiela & Bryan <cute>

Flor & Frank { Lovely!}

On the second day, we visited NPC where Maria Cristina Falls is located. Inside NPC we also enjoyed the scenery of their zoo and botanical garden which they called it as NPC Natures Park. We made it sure to take photos in every place we went through. You will see the pictures below, exactly the places I’ve mentioned. And because the whole we haven’t take a bath yet, again we headed to Timoga resort and spend the hours left before we decided to go home.

Maria Cristina Falls

Yoh! Frank..heheeh

Inside Butterfly Garden

Iligan City, is just a simple place with a very humid weather and temperature. Visiting this place is worth it don’t mind of preparing much money just to explore this place, a 1 thousand peso bill would be enough to visit and enjoy the captivating sceneries that they have.

If you think of visiting here, don’t forget check on Tinago Falls too, this is another tourist spot in Iligan City that is widely known. Sad to say, we missed dropping by the place since we run out of time. Better luck next time!

I still wonder how the place looks like personally.

November 18, 2011

Thai Me Up – An Appetizing Experience

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November 16, 2011 Michael and Scarlet had a dinner at Thai Me Up Restaurant. Oh! By the way it’s just me and my bbyboy :). Yes, it’s another appetizing experience dining in some of the exclusive restaurants here in CDO. Their food is mostly spicy in kind, since it comes from the idea of Thai food.

Me and You…ahemmm

I couldn’t really remember the names of the menu that we have order but their all best sellers in this restaurant. Opps! I remember one, the pork spareribs and..heehhee

Spare ribs

Check out the food below it might tie you up to dine in here. I just love eating so much that I felt like my tummy is rushing so fast especially if I’m with my love (Michael) ayeeehh!

Green envy refreshment

It’s definitely an appetizing experience..burp..burp..burp.. 🙂