August 14, 2011

Barkadahan Grill with Barkadas

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 August 12, 2011 was a busy day for me and a special day too. So happy that day I’m with my close friends, namely Bernie, Flora, Franklin, Lj, Janice and  Michael.hehe..(kilig ko!). Yeah, it was another happy times with me. After, how many hours of waiting and doing things that need to settle. We all decide to take our dinner together since were all hungry already. We then, head up to Barkadahan Grill located near Xavier Caayan De Oro City. Guess, what? The food was really delicious that your appetite can’t resist even if you’re so full already.with them 🙂

ayeehhhh..with Michael 🙂

Freakyfrank and Flora..heart.heart

Check out the food that we have order! The place was simply nice to dine for all “barkadas” out there. Their food was purely Pinoy food. Thanks  guys for the smile, teasing and joking it made my day.  It really feels great eating while your with great people  in your life. It fulls your tummy and most especially fulls your heart. I’m grateful for this day and everyday of my life that God gave me a chance to share things that makes other people happy especially the blessing of food that everyday we partake. Eating with them is such a wonderful feeling. Time really matters most it nourish friendship more and more. I definitely agree then that food is another medium in every relationship like friendship that makes it stronger and livelier.

Blue Marlin Sinigang!

—–Pancit Canton—

***Lumpia Shanghai***

_Chicken Barbecue_

Num..num,,num were all set to eat!!!…hehhee

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