November 19, 2011

2 Days and 1 night – Welcome Us Iligan City!

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Another exciting experience at Iligan City together with my office-mates, we explore the beauty and wonders of Iligan.  Our main purpose why we visited the place was to be with our very own friend who celebrated her birthday. But at the same time think of some outing and adventure while in the place.

From right Bryan, Sheila, Bernie, Flor, Frank, Me and Michael 🙂

Iligan City was known of its Maria Cristina Water Falls. Yes, we never passed the days to see the place. Maria Cristina Falls was definitely amazing and one of a kind.  During our first day we splash and plunge to Timoga spring resort.  The water was so cold as if you chill out.  We celebrated Flor’s birthday in Timoga, we all had fun. It’s an ordinary day yet an escape from a busy online job.

@Timoga Spring Resort

hahaa..funny look at me bby!! 🙂

Shiela & Bryan <cute>

Flor & Frank { Lovely!}

On the second day, we visited NPC where Maria Cristina Falls is located. Inside NPC we also enjoyed the scenery of their zoo and botanical garden which they called it as NPC Natures Park. We made it sure to take photos in every place we went through. You will see the pictures below, exactly the places I’ve mentioned. And because the whole we haven’t take a bath yet, again we headed to Timoga resort and spend the hours left before we decided to go home.

Maria Cristina Falls

Yoh! Frank..heheeh

Inside Butterfly Garden

Iligan City, is just a simple place with a very humid weather and temperature. Visiting this place is worth it don’t mind of preparing much money just to explore this place, a 1 thousand peso bill would be enough to visit and enjoy the captivating sceneries that they have.

If you think of visiting here, don’t forget check on Tinago Falls too, this is another tourist spot in Iligan City that is widely known. Sad to say, we missed dropping by the place since we run out of time. Better luck next time!

I still wonder how the place looks like personally.

November 18, 2011

Thai Me Up – An Appetizing Experience

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November 16, 2011 Michael and Scarlet had a dinner at Thai Me Up Restaurant. Oh! By the way it’s just me and my bbyboy :). Yes, it’s another appetizing experience dining in some of the exclusive restaurants here in CDO. Their food is mostly spicy in kind, since it comes from the idea of Thai food.

Me and You…ahemmm

I couldn’t really remember the names of the menu that we have order but their all best sellers in this restaurant. Opps! I remember one, the pork spareribs and..heehhee

Spare ribs

Check out the food below it might tie you up to dine in here. I just love eating so much that I felt like my tummy is rushing so fast especially if I’m with my love (Michael) ayeeehh!

Green envy refreshment

It’s definitely an appetizing experience..burp..burp..burp.. 🙂

September 3, 2011

Beautiful Pizza Hut Afternoon

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Yeah! It’s definitely a beautiful pizza hut afternoon. I’m with the two of my beautiful friends Irish and Janice. Indeed, it was a hot afternoon served with tasty supreme pizza hut and refreshing tropical frizz lemonade. Take note! It’s the best seller of pizza hut house. Perfect combination and it’s definitely my choice. Sorry guys, I made the order..hehhe..

Beautiful Me–Thanks to Papa God 🙂

Oh! without any bias I just love myself here…hahaaa..I got some cheeks now! I look prettier and blooming too. It is because of the camera effect? No, it’s not its naturally me beautiful…’s just between you and me.

With Beautiful Friends!—Janice & Irish—–

Two of my closest friends since I got work here in CDO. From the right Miss Janice, Irish my dearest mega and me. I just love my afternoon, having some snacks together with more chitchatting, laughing and teasing. Its just how girls keep the moment lively and fun!!!

Tropical Frizz Lemonade

Our Choice<<Pizza Hut Supreme>>

I would love feedback too for my post!!!! 🙂

August 14, 2011

Barkadahan Grill with Barkadas

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 August 12, 2011 was a busy day for me and a special day too. So happy that day I’m with my close friends, namely Bernie, Flora, Franklin, Lj, Janice and  Michael.hehe..(kilig ko!). Yeah, it was another happy times with me. After, how many hours of waiting and doing things that need to settle. We all decide to take our dinner together since were all hungry already. We then, head up to Barkadahan Grill located near Xavier Caayan De Oro City. Guess, what? The food was really delicious that your appetite can’t resist even if you’re so full already.with them 🙂

ayeehhhh..with Michael 🙂

Freakyfrank and Flora..heart.heart

Check out the food that we have order! The place was simply nice to dine for all “barkadas” out there. Their food was purely Pinoy food. Thanks  guys for the smile, teasing and joking it made my day.  It really feels great eating while your with great people  in your life. It fulls your tummy and most especially fulls your heart. I’m grateful for this day and everyday of my life that God gave me a chance to share things that makes other people happy especially the blessing of food that everyday we partake. Eating with them is such a wonderful feeling. Time really matters most it nourish friendship more and more. I definitely agree then that food is another medium in every relationship like friendship that makes it stronger and livelier.

Blue Marlin Sinigang!

—–Pancit Canton—

***Lumpia Shanghai***

_Chicken Barbecue_

Num..num,,num were all set to eat!!!…hehhee

August 12, 2011

Taste Buds Curiosity

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Curiosity means a desire to gratify the mind with new information or objects of interest. I came to think of creating a blog that subjects about food and more out of curiosity. Yes, I find it that interesting since cooking is my passion which is related to food. Food to ponder, why and how important it is? Being diagnosed with a “warning”  health status I got alarmed with health consciousness. Where I become choosy of eating the right food and do balance diet as well.

I’m a food lover and a passionate traveler, If I went to different places where food is my top desire. As the journey of my blogging starts, I want to make a mark of every food that I eat associated with captivating, yummy looking, delicious taste of images and photos with inspiring content that your stomach will surely be full.  Don’t allow your taste buds skip food that are healthy and life-giving. Experience, discover and explore food that you’ve never eaten before it might be a simple Filipino delicacies or foreign one. Enjoy every bite you take! Just like what I ‘m doing. I may find it delicious or not still I want to taste every single pieces of it.

Follow me with my blog; surely you can’t resist eating food that you haven’t tried before.  Dine to some luxurious restaurants sometimes. You’ll find food that is exceptional of taste. Like me, I take time together with my friends dine to some fancy restaurants jut to feed our cravings. It’s not the amount that we think of but the full satisfaction of our stomach. When, I’m stress and depress food is my defense aside from beauty make over things.

I definitely live curios talking about  food and others things associated to it. Proud to say, that I ‘m a heck food lover and a traveler at the same time. Thanks for dropping by my site! Enjoy every page you tweak definitely you’ll be filled with toothsome, yummy, tasty, and appetizing food. Silly me it’s just delicious!

July 18, 2011

Vanilla-Banana Herbalife Shake

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One of my colleague in our company introduced us about Herbalife products.  Herbalife is another networking business about healthy products. I got interested and tried their Herbalife shakes which caters different flavors  such as  vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and more. I have tried their strawberry mixed with banana but it doesn’t taste that good. My choice among the flavors is vanilla mixed with banana. It’s  mouth watering and  I can’t resist zipping  until the last drop. And what’s good most is that it’s healthy .This is  my lunch meal when I’m in the office since I’m eager to lose weight.(heehehe)

Why not try this Herbalife shake. It’s good for your health and delicious at the same time.

July 12, 2011

CDO White Water Rafting Adventure- Advance Course

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After a very tiresome and exhausting day during our team building activity last July 9, 2011. The Gearyseo team from CDO and Davao dive into another exciting adventure, the white water rafting advance level. I have been waiting this experience since I started working in CDO, yet it’s hard to find such time and group of people who are interested in this kind of adventure. So glad, time has come and I’m very much excited, happy and nervous at the same time. This was my first time to do rafting and automatically go into the advance course.

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Ready or Not???

Orientation-Serious Mode

The group meets up around 5am in Divisoria, CDO and travelled to the rafting place for an hour then started the race around 8:30am. We are all set now with safety gears after that,  a short instruction from our guide. I’m definitely excited and nervous that time, I could see the heavy waves splashing with big stones.  I started screaming and shouting again (this is it!! whooooooooooooooo…) that’s all I can do just to release all my unexplainable feelings and thoughts.  Fear of water? Thumbs up, I’m the most coward because I don’t know how to swim. Good thing during that time, the guide said “if you’re away from the raft don’t try to swim just go with the flow of the water”. WEeeeeeeeee.. I’m happy to hear that because I don’t know how to swim but their was a life vest then.



We now started the first rapid, I thought all 21 rapids that were gonna pass through are of the same level but sad to say it’s not! Expect the most challenging and fearful rapids our guide has told us. In our raft were all 8 in the group including our guide. Most of us were first timers, but all are willing to experience that unusual adventure.  As we set for the trial rapids waves of cold water was starting to splash in our raft.  How could I explain my whole experience that day? Well, I’ll only highlight those unexpected event happened and that is when our raft turn and all of us in the group got drown.  Believe it or not! It was intentionally done by our guide just for fun? Crazy he was! But I admit it was incredibly fun never have I regretted that he did that (hahaa). The 21 rapids have its unique name, but I can only remember the elephant back rapid.


Nice one James..hehe

Here are the other group..go..go..Patet! it’s YOU…hahaa

During the advance course of rapids, I have not tried paddling; I have no guts  to try at all. Only our boys in the group did and the girls were cheering the paddlers. But when we’ve pass through the advance level, I’m now curious and eager to try paddling on the beginner’s rapids level. And guess what? I did! Adrenaline rush as I started doing happy I have done such achievement. I started paddling on the 15 rapids down to zero.

Weeeeeeeee…it’s me paddling on the right…hehehee

The experience was amazing, intense, exciting and nervous but when your in that moment, you could only say “this is it!..break a leg!” no left turn anymore. Expect the unexpected, your raft might flip, or you might even fall, expect those things to happen caused our group experienced that. And it was all worth it! This is what I get during that rafting adventure, if you really want to try such challenging adventure and you know that something bad might happen, don’t think about those possibilities during the raft but instead challenge your self to do your best, specially your strength and think what might happen with the group if you’re not responsible and brave enough to the best paddling that you can do.

Under the water falls 🙂

Were really having FUN!!!

A tap on my back  for being brave and over passing those different rapids. It was a cool adventure and thankful enough I’m with cool people from Gearyseo Davao team. By the way, guys they have extreme level of rafting, would you go for it? Me? Why not..hahaaa…it’s another and more suicidal experience to conquer.

Love it!! at last were done…love the adrenaline rush adventure 🙂

Group pix with our great guides!!!

July 11, 2011

Seaside Bible Camp-Team Building Experience!

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July 9, 2011,  Sticky Media Solutions Inc. created another  team building activity, held at Seaside Bible Camp, Opol Cagayan De Oro City. The event was composed of three departments’ gearyseo, and valorebooks. Never did we expect that it was a burst of fun since that place was considered to be a sacred and solemn place. We are all band to say cursing words, no smoking, no smooching and all there 300 rules to follow while we stay in the place. And yes! We did it!


The team building activity was composed of indoor and outdoor activities. During the indoor activities it was just light and relaxed. But when it comes to our outdoor activities oh it was full of fun, shouting and screaming. Imagine, we did board walk, pick the donut, tag of war, volleyball using super big ball and lastly my most remarkable experience that day, the confidence coarse challenge. Yes, all our strength was tested, group coordination, strategies and most of all the fighting spirit was all kicking. I couldn’t imagine myself joining those challenges, all my strength was poured out. But so fulfilling! The spirit of unity was there, it inclined with the talk of an intern pastor before the activity started, that “unity is through humility”.

Volleyball with super ball 🙂

Everyday is unique gift and whatever opportunities that is open and free I’m grabbing it! It’s only happens once and I don’t want to miss it. Experience is the best part of living and I’m enduring all my experience that day. It might be that simple and ordinary activities but I super love it!

Hey, guys I can’t get over with my confidence coarse challenge. I want to embrace that feeling of fear again mixed up with excitement. You know what, when I feel that mixed emotions I’m definitely going crazy as if I’m out of this world..wahhhhhhhhhhhh…I  do shout, scream and jump before  I’ll do such level of adventure! It was definitely high but there was a protective harness being put in your body. The scenario was you need to jump from one place to another but you need to walk within the wood board and jump with 1 meter distance to the other side of the board. Whoooooohhhhhhh, a tense feeling was there, the board was so shaky that you need to balance well. Lucky me! I got to jump to the other side successfully. The feeling was awesome, relief and fulfilling. Fight your fears! The key is confidence..hehehe..

The board is really shaky! Relax..relax..

The other side of the board now. I made it! Yehey!

Going Down!!!..slowly, easy and dropped!

All in all the activity was a blast of fun. I may say it was exhausting, crazy, suicidal experience (hahha) but there are lessons I’ve learned from that team building activity. We may fear, fall and doubt life sometimes but what makes its amazing is that we keep on fighting. And that is why we end up winning those battles in life with FAITH! 🙂

June 15, 2011

Yellow Cab Time!

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Are you a pizza lover? Me I’m not! But I can’t resist taking a bite when I’m with my “barkadas”. Pizza makes the whole circle of friends united!  When I and my close friends  think of hanging out.  What comes first in our mind is P-I-Z-Z-A. This time we tried pizza special from Yellow Cab.

Enjoying every bite! and our choice the best seller “New York’s  Best Pizza”!

Go Ling and Flor, You look so cute!..heheee

Oh! I remember this was the time when we had  our result of our wellness program and most of us had a warning and risky health results.  But sad to say, we never mind it! And all of us say, “this is for the last time”. Funny, we agreed to eat Pizza after hearing such negative result of our health status.  For me, I’m taking it seriously.  I only had one  slice that day. Goal conquered!

Thanks for the company guys til next time! More Pizza  Often Times!<LOL>

June 12, 2011

Born of Fire Island

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One of my greatest ambitions in life is to travel around the world (there’s no harm in trying). Dreaming is free! Life has always been a journey and that’s how I see the importance of travelling. Through travelling I learned to discover and appreciate more the essence of living life with lots of differences to other people.  My heart overjoyed with so much happiness every time I meet new people especially when I get more along with kids and this what I’ve experienced when I had my 3 days vacation in Camiguin Island Philippines. the Ice Cream Treat

Camiguin Island is known as Island Born of Fire. Want to know why? It has seven volcanoes and several volcanic domes. Volcanic eruptions and land movements have created this spectacular island which is full of natural wonders and historical riches.  Camiguin is consider as one of the beautiful Isalnd in the Philippines, it’s dotted with hot and cold springs. The entire Island can be discovered in just one day. Amazing!

Soda Cold Spring

My experience was terribly amazing, it was Camiguin Lanzones Festival  then when we go there.  I was with my two officemates namely Laling and Laping. Laping is the one who invited as to have a vacation in their place since her aunts and cousins are living in Camiguin.  I totally enjoyed my daily stay their, I meet new people and get along with them.  Such a nice feeling to mingle with them, knowing their lifestyle and culture living in an Island. Thanks to Laping’s Family for that warm welcome to us!

Laping’s Family

Feeling the joy, that it was Camiguin Lanzones Festival,  I could barely see and taste the Camguin’s pride and that’s their  “Lanzones”. Where ever place we stop by they have plenty of Lanzones being sold along the roads. Lanzones from Camiguin is sweet and seedless, I could now determined that a Lanzones is coming  from Camiguin or not (num num num).Aside from that we had also tried their rambutan too.  I would really appreciate much eating fruits that are fresh from the branch. I’m even thinking of bringing the trees back home. ( can I?..hehe)

Lanzones Models on the Go…:)

I could barely see Rambutan here that the fruits are closer to the ground! Amazing!

 I could really say that Camiguin Island was made out of simplicity but the places to see where beautiful and exceptional. They were rich in natural resources, really a God given place that needs to be nurture and protect.  Our journey started on the second day, we’ve tried to go over the places that were known in Camguin like the Katigbwasan Falls, Ardent Hot Spring, Sto Nino Cold Spring,  Bura Soda Water Swimming Pool and more. Sad to say, we didn’t able to visit Mantigue Island since the weather was not fine that day.  If I’ll be back next time, surely that’s the first place I will visit.

Katigbawasan’s cold

Sunken Cemetery

Roaming Around the  Island

It was a merely tiresome experience yet satisfying and full of fun. I just simply love the place and the people as well. What I love the most is the Ardent hot Spring I felt like all my physical anxieties disappeared.  If you’re thinking of natural relaxation and rejuvenating, well just visit Camiguin and you’ll be totally healed.

@Ardent Hot Spring

GUIOB Church Ruins

I’m thinking of coming back here together with my Family next time around!


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